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The Great Crested Grebe

The period of great migrations has finally begun even in Sweden and, already, thousands of birds are in transit towards the North.
Last week, with great patience despite the bitter cold, I was lucky enough to witness the enchanting ritual of courtship, also know as “nuptial parade”, of the Great crested grebe (Podiceps cristatus).

After having flirted with each other for a little, and having let themselves be photographed, they decided, as they are used to do, to disappear into the thicket of the marsh vegetation to, evidently, consume their love ritual.

The birds were, unfortunately, quite far away, but it was still a wonderful experience, being also my first time.
Gradually the Swedish skies are populating with life and it is a privilege to live in one of the most important transit points of the European migratory flow.
And now that the weather is getting better, it will be incredible to continue watching these shows.

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