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The Grey Seals

August has just passed and with the arrival of September summer is coming to an end, unfortunately…

From my point of view, however, autumn represents a season with many photographic possibilities, not only because it is already slowly starting to paint forests with amazing colours or because the migration of birds towards the south has also begun, but also because it will give me the possibility of offering another unforgettable experience.

From November the 1st, in fact, and until January the 31st, so between the end of autumn and the beginning of winter, the “doors” of a nature reserve, the oldest in Sweden, will reopen and so it will be possible  to approach and admire again a large group of grey seals in their natural habitat.

A few kilometres from Malmö, in fact, a colony of these stupendous marine mammals lives and, while they are kept protected in the crucial months for their survival as in the mating season, during gestation and in the first months of life of the baby seals, during November, December and January it’s possible to get closer to them.

These are the photos I took during my visit last winter and I can tell you it was an extraordinary experience.

If you have planned to visit Scandinavia  during that time, remember this possibility:
I will be happy to accompany you and give you unforgettable memories!

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