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The Moose: Mistery and Legend

Usually, and mostly for those whom loves Nature, talking about Scandinavia one can only think about uncontaminated environments, endless open landscapes, fjords and wild forests.
And talking about the animals living there, one think straight away to reindeer, bear, moose and so on.
And the moose, knows as the king of the forest, is maybe the more mysterious and legendary of all, for its size and prominence, and still its elusive way to avoid human closeness.

European moose are smaller than those that live in North America, but can still reach over 2 meters at the shoulder and can weight almost half ton.
Mostly they live in Norway and in the North of Sweden, in remote and wild areas. They don’t live in Denmark, instead, even if one bull have been spotted – but it has still to be proven – in the region north of Copenaghen, probably after it crossed the short channel – only 5 km – between Sweden and Denmark.
Even if not as many as in the Northern part of the country, moose can be found also in the south, even nearby Malmö, but of course it is very difficult to spot them.
In case, however, one should have the luck to have an encounter with this animal, one must be very careful: even if it may seem funny and harmless, it is instead an animal that can become very dangerous, both when you meet while walking into the wild – if disturbed it can charge , especially if it is a female with the little ones, and in fact in Canada the moose is the animal that kills more people, even more than the grizzly – or while driving: because its size, an accident leaves few margins of surviving it, and in fact one of the biggest reasons of the numerous and deadly road accidents in Scandinavia is to be imputed to the moose.

It has been 4 years since I saw a moose for the very first time and since then, as if I had broken a spell, the sightings have been quite numerous (have a look here, for example), too many to lose the count.
But being an elusive animal, which prefers to come out from the deep of the forest in these hours between just before sunset and straight after dawn, it has always been quite difficult to get a decent shot which could satisfy me.

Finally, after many attempts, in an area where I know there are at least 5 moose, I got the chance to spot two of them and than one more so close that i could, finally, get a pretty good picture  of her “beauty and elegance”.
As usually it has just been an instant before she decided to quickly, and “ gracefully”, disappear into the forest. But this time it has been more than enough.

Will I stop looking for them now?
I don’t think so, actually I’m sure I will still go into the wild, into the forest where I can feel them even without spotting them: if here the woods and forests tell fairytales and legends, it’s because of such huge and yet elusive animal…

Camera: Nikon D750 Lens: Tamron SP 150-600mm F/5-6.3 Di USD G2 SLR

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