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The Northern Lapwing

Today I show you another migratory bird that has been returning to Sweden for some time already: the Northern Lapwing(Vanellus vanellus).
Medium size (High: from 28 to 31 cm; Wingspan: from 70 to 76 cm; Weight: 150 to 300 g) in English is so called because of the “lapping” sounds its wings make in flight, while in Italian is called Pavoncella (little Peacock) because of the green colours of its plumage on the back.
Characteristic then its crest just behind the head that can reach even 10 cm and that, depending on the position or the wind, makes it seem quite funny.

I took these pictures a few weeks ago, during the mating period, when the males try their best in risky and fast pirouettes in the sky: a real show!

Looking for info on the net I discovered, unfortunately, that this bird seems to be at risk of extinction, at least in Switzerland, due to the drainage of wetlands, its natural habitat.
For this reason, Birdlife Switzerland has designated the Northern Lapwing as the bird of the year for 2019.
Also the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) considers this bird at risk.

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