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The Osprey

What I love most about Nature is its ability to give wonderful surprises over and over again, and a few days ago She managed to make me wonder with two wonderful gifts.

I went out mainly to try a new camera body, a Nikon D500 that I received on loan from a friend and that seems to be very good for birds photography.
First I went back to finding the brood of Eagle-owls: another photographer had told me that he had seen only a small one and I was afraid that, as often happens in Nature, the weaker of the two did not make it. Fortunately, instead, I found them both and also, it seems, in good health.

I then moved to a birdwatching place on a lake not far away: the air was calm, the surface of the lake also, the sky was clear; in a nutshell, perfect conditions to test the D500.
While I spotted two sea eagles that nested in the area, but too far away to be photographed, and after following a red kite,I noticed a different shape far away and, to my surprise, I spotted my first Osprey (Pandion haliaetus).

This large bird of prey can measure from 55 to 58 cm in length, has a remarkable wingspan that can reach up to 180 cmand can weigh up to 2 kg. As the name implies, it feeds almost exclusively on fish that it catches by diving in fast swoops.
In fact, after flying over the lake for a while and, fortunately, heading towards me getting very close, it launched itself towards the water to fish: everything went so fast – it can reach a speed of 130 km/h – and in that moment, not knowing the reflex, I finished the buffer (the ability to transfer the data to the SD card), I lost the focus and when I picked it up again the Osprey was again high in the sky.
Fishing, however, was not successful this time, and the bird of prey then disappeared far away. But I’m sure we’ll meet again, sooner or later.

Anyway, the surprises for that day were not over and later I was lucky again to find myself in the right place at the right time.
But I’ll tell you about it another time…

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