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The South African Shelduck

Yesterday, while with other photographers and birdwatchers we were waiting to see if the ospreys would come back, a South African Shelduck (Tadorna Cana) made its appearance. To tell the truth, nobody knew this species and was not even present on a Swedish bird book, but a lady, after some research on the web, identified the species.
What’s it doing in Sweden?

I read on Wikipedia:

“It is localized and settled in a vast area of ​​southern Africa. The census population between the province of Cape and Namibia is more than 40,000 individuals. It makes periodic movements from one area to another, but it never moves away from the southern part of Africa. It lives both in open and arid areas and near water sources. It also makes long journeys in search of food and rich pools. “

Did she run away from some zoo or some collector?
In any case, he seems to be at home in Sweden too, but I really hope he can go back to where he should be.

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