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The Stork

Thanks to the Storkprojektet (Stork Project) which in 1989 released a couple of these beautiful birds, after their disappearing since 1954, it is not difficult nowadays to see them in the Skåne County countryside.

I already had the chance once to watch a wonderful show offered to me by a stork while it was looking for food.
A couple of days ago, while I was looking for white fallow deer, I had another meeting, this time much closer and, above all, unexpected.

So I did some research and discovered many interesting things, symbols and legends about the Stork. Among the many, which you can find by doing a quick search on the net, I have preferred two in particular:

The stork symbolises a new life, the arrival of spring and good luck.
The stork is also the emblem of the traveler.

And I thought I was already super lucky just because a stork decided to fly over my head ..

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