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The Truth is in Front of Us and We Don't See It

Growing up, moving on my way, I started to believe, more and more, that solving our problems, overcoming difficulties, is much easier than what we believe.
Yet, when I was down, when I went through dark times, I could not remember how to feel good again, how to find the light again.

A couple of weeks ago, in Rome, seeing me euphoric and listening to the little big expectations I have for my present and future, a friend of mine told me:

"Well, it's normal for you to feel this way now! I also know that when things go well, it's all right, and when you're down everything goes wrong! “

It's not the only one that told me so, other friends and relatives did it too.
And I also believed in it sometimes, when I was listening to that voice inside telling me I should expect problems and issues even if everything was going more than fine.

Yet being happy would be more than enough, remembering how to be, and imposing it to our self, to clear out all the difficulties.

Sometimes one looks for a treasure in distant places,
And doesn't realise that it is already in its possession.
(Kahlil Gibran)

Truth is in front of our eyes and yet it seems we're doing everything to do not see it.


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