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Thousands of Eurasian Cranes

Every year, in the period between the last two weeks of March and the end of April, hundreds of thousands of Eurasian (or grey) cranes (Grus Grus) return to Sweden and gather into large groups before splitting again when they hatch the eggs in May.

This year I decided that I could not miss the opportunity and, taking advantage of a sunny day, I went to a nature reserve about a hundred km from Malmö: here, the farmers of the area are feeding the cranes every day to avoid they could, otherwise, ruin the newly sown fields, and this ends up attracting many birds.
On the day of my visit, according to the official website, there were about 5600 specimens, while the next day they were over 10,000. On April 3, 2019, the all-time Swedish record was recorded in the county of Västergotland with a presence of about 27600 grey cranes!

It is perhaps superfluous to say that it was a wonderful day: being able to admire them so closely (about 100 m) and being able to watch the spectacle of their dances, of the majestic parades, jumps and pirouettes, but also of their flights and their gliding landings, is certainly a unique and unforgettable experience.

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