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Unbelievable, Extraordinary...


We had an unusually heavy snowfall last week here in Malmö, not because unexpected, but because, from a driving rain and in just a few minutes it managed to whiten everything, accumulating more than five centimeters.
During the night then, the temperatures must have fallen below freezing point, so the next morning we had a clear and deep sky, bright sunshine and sparkling snow waiting for us and spurring us to get out.
We could not miss that chance!

Just outside the city, travelling north, we immediately noticed there was something else unusual that day: the landscape this time was completely different, unfamiliar and amazing at the same time.
The snowfall of the night before and the night chill had worked together to embroider a bright dress which now Mother Nature was showing with pride and swank.
Every detail, every little thing, was covered by the snow and tightened in a delicate and candid vise, but yet firm and secure.
The bare trees, the few leaves of some bushes, yet the short grass of the field, everything, down to the horizon, was now hidden by that abstract and soft white wrap, praising the contrast against the intense and endless blue sky.

We decide to leave the main road, to dive and find our own way to be part of that wonderful natural painting.

After a short detour to the side streets and after multiple stops to take some shots (impossible to resist, I wanted to capture it all!), I decided to drive to the “peak” Kopparhatten, in the Söderåsen National Park, which with its 200 m above sea level it is one of the highest in Scania (the highest, 212 m above sea level can still be found in the Park but it’s not reachable by car).
While driving uphill we had the feeling to get deeper and deeper into a winter wonderland: the forest around was a white and shiny ocean where only the dark silhouette of the beeches and oaks stood out. The sun filtered to draw shimmering light and long intriguing shadows.
We have never seen anything like this!
Unbelievable, extraordinary…


Lara woke up, we parked to take a few steps and some pictures.
To breathe, to feel, to live and capture something unique and wonderful.
Always trying, in our own way, to do not disturb too much.
To do not break the spell…




Have a look to all the pictures below, all of them taken "free-hand":

Camera: Nikon D3200
Lens: Tokina 11-16/f2.8 + Nikkor 18-55/f3.5-5.6
Extra: Iphone5

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