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Ungulates Traffic Jam

The summer heat has given up and even if the temperatures sometimes reach 24-25 degrees, a cooler wind is already announcing the change of the season.

The milder temperatures, now, not only bring relief to those like me who do not like the sultry heat, but, obviously, also to the ungulates: if, in fact, when temperatures reached and exceeded even 30 degrees it was much more difficult to sight them during the day because hidden in the shade of the forests, now they are back to being more active.

A couple of days ago I spotted countless roe deer, fallow deer and even deer, and with some of them I had very close encounters.

First of all, while I was hiding among the branches and the roots of the trees lurking to spot sea eagles, a female fallow deer and her cub arrived about three meters away: a moment while we lookeed straight into each other, and immediately the ran away, jumping into a nearby cornfield. A male roe deer followed them just seconds later.

Then, during a transfer from one area to another, I spotted a group of male fallow deer that, strangely, instead of running in the opposite direction, decided to cut my way a little further on, coming out from a small hill and running alongside the car , so fast and close to make it even difficult to take pictures.

Finally I went for a walk in a nearby forest, another destination of my experiences.

Often we do not realise it, but the animals are there and above all they notice our presence long before us, who often pass by them without even realising it. This time, however, I do not know whether by instinct or by coincidence, I turned and, in the intertwining of the branches, I saw a couple of deer standing still and watching me.
As soon as I stopped they started running, followed by another thirty or so specimens, all females with their cubs. I went a little further, running too, to wait for them at the exit of a dirt road that cuts through the forest. I was a little patient, believing that I had already lost them, instead, carefully taking a look around first, one by one they crossed those few meters to disappear again into the deep of the forest.
The thing that surprised me the most was a mother who, with a wary eye, first assessed the situation, then went on keeping all the time an eye on me and then waited for her cub before running after the others.

When I approached to see if I could still spot them, I noticed instead some male fallow deer, including two beautiful white specimens. Unfortunately they were also in the thick of the forest, impossible to get a clear shot.
I tried to get closer, hardly following their tracks, but maybe I wanted a little too much.

On the way back, countless other ungulates, storks and birds of prey have made my trip even more enjoyable: the perfect ending for another fantastic day in Nature.

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