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Use your Brain the Right way

When at the beginning of 2017 I was fighting my depression, deliberately without the use of antidepressants, I was seeking, anyway, help from a psychologist

During a session, to make me understand that my illness was mostly a mental cage, he let me do an experiment: he asked me to close my eyes, relax and imagine an object belonging to me, better if from the past.
I chose my first laptop, I don't know why: he asked me to describe it carefully, then to stilluse my imaginationto open it, turn it on, use it.
Twelve or Thirteen years had gone since I used it last time and I still ended up remembering things that I thought had completely removed from my head: I remembered the first screen, the desktop picture, even the password: for a moment I was really sitting in front of that laptop!

He then told me to open my eyes and to relax a little until I was ready for another experiment: I closed my eyes, relaxed and, under his guidance, I began to imagine my daughter, having her close, taking her in my arms, fondling her.
I felt her warmth, I smelled her perfume, I heard her voice and the sound of her laughter…

Then, suddenly, the psychologist told me to take a knife, large and sharp, and to stab my daughter...
It was a moment, a lightning that pierces the darkness, but in my head I took that knife and followed his order. I felt an absurd pain crossing my body, I began to cry in despair and, worst of all, to feel guilty as if I had really stabbed my daughter!
I screamed, I asked for mercy, I asked him to stop ...

When I recovered, my hands still trembling and my voice broken by emotions, he asked me to explain my feelings as clear as possible: everything was clear, everything was lucid, like a memory of something really happened.

"See, Manuel"he told me "what happens in our head is not always true, but our body reacts in exactly the same way. Our mind is a very powerful organ and what we think, imagine, reflect and ends up conditioning our lives. Choose well and carefully what you think!"

I admit it, at first it was difficult for me to forgive him for the pain he had caused me, but the experiment, although terribly cruel, opened my eyes to a truthI already knew and had forgotten:

We are what we think and external reality is a reflection of our thoughts, as well as our feelings, emotions and, therefore, our reactions.

If we want something, let's start imagining it first!
If we want a peaceful life, let's start thinking first of being well, being free from any problems!
If we want to change our lives, let’s begin to think we can do it!
If we want to get out of a difficult situation, let’s think of all the possibilities to do it!
If we have to take a decision, let’s think it's the right one and that everything will be fine:
a lot, really a lot, depends from that too…

And you, how do you use your mind?
What do you think? What do you see? What do you imagine?

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