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Work Makes Man Noble

I’ve always had a twisted relationship with the working life, which means I have not still been able to understand how much this affects the private life and vice versa.

Until not long time ago, I was always complaining about how my work was destroying completely my inspiration and, above all, removing any will to do things: I was doing my duty as a good citizen, but I was letting the life slide on me, just looking forward to the weekends or holidays.
And this also had a negative influence on my private life.
Or was it the opposite?

Difficult to understand the connection, as it is difficult to break the two things.

I still hate my job, not because I don’t want to work, but because I keep seeing it as a waste of time, while there are millions of things to do outside, a whole world to discover.
I’m thinking about something I read on the web — “You work to buy the car to go to work” — and that they are just inventing and giving us useless jobs just to keep us busy doing something…

But now I appreciate more my job because, while I’m there, I can carry on my projects, taking advantages of my current creative phase: I work less, and still get paid for it, exploiting and screwing that system I never accepted.
And so working becomes no longer a burden, but a way to improve my life, to chase my dreams.

The way to reach the moment when, with the smile on my face, I will resign, and finally take my time, and the world I want and deserve.

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