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You Get What You Give

For some time now, I got close to what they call the "positive thinking" way of living.
In life you must always touch the bottom to cling to something (whatever it is) to try to come back to the surface.
This happened to me about three and a half years ago, when after a long period of time (and it has been my choice, anyway) of crazy descent towards the lowest stages of my life, I had only two opportunities: to stay there or to come back.

I encountered then (by coincidence?) another Italian guy in a Copenhagen pub while watching a football game. Supporting the same team, being from the same country in a foreign land, we began talking about many different things, and gradually, we got closer, and deeper.
He was the first to introduce me to this way of thinking (and living): even if we were both in the the same situation, yet he had a more optimistic disposition towards life, while I was just negative, focusing too much on just me, feeling tired as if I was carrying on my shoulders all the problems of world.
He advised me to read books, but above all he advised me to change my way of thinking and conceiving things. I didn’t understand then, and mostly, I was distrustful towards those who propose miraculous solutions for all those problems I had and considered insurmountable.

As often it happens, the truth is I was just basking in my unhappiness, believing that only a miracle could get me out from all my problems.
However, I began to read those books, without any believe or hope.
Life did not change, it continued to be a mad swing between moments of pure, but not true, happiness, and moments of pure depression. Other friends (by coincidence?) talked more than once about another book, of the same kind, even if not directly to me (or maybe yes?)
It was only when another person came into my life and dragged me down even more, that I finally embraced this blessed "positive thinking".

Looking backward, I now know it was no coincidence that this person came into my life. No, she came to close that cycle I had begun three and a half years ago, to end up the swinging of my mood and troubles once and for all.
I got back to the first two books ("You Can Heal Your Life" and "Now" by Louise Hay), the book my friends were talking about ("The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne), and then those suggested by "that person "("The power of the subconscious mind“ and "These Truths Can Change Your Life “ by Joseph Murphy).
I have read them several times, to understand them better and to assimilate them, to develop what is now my belief or way of living.

At the end it’s very simple (and still so difficult to understand): you get what you give (and this is meant both for the actions than, and mostly, for the thoughts).
By the law of attraction, what we think and believe will happen in future: positive thoughts will bring happiness, thoughts of love will bring love, thoughts of wealth will bring wealth, and so on.

As I said earlier, it seems easy.
Yet, overcoming the initial distrust and beginning to work on my own thoughts and the way I think, I realised it’s not at all: perhaps because it is in our nature, perhaps because in our lives we got many limitative (and pessimistic) messages that we accepted as absolute truth, but changing and starting to firmly believe in positive thoughts is not quite as easy as it may seem.
Why is that?

Because it’s scary, because we believe life is has to be a hard journey and we can not do anything about it; because we believe only the shrewd and unscrupulous will move forward in life; because we believe true love does not exist; because we don’t accept ourselves; because we set limits to ourselves...
And then, even in moments of happiness, we always think that it will not last long because surely something bad will happen.
Or we live in the fear that our car will be stolen, that we will lose our job, that we will get sick and so on ...
And then, what life gives us back?

I think that nothing happens by coincidence: everything (whether positive or negative) happens in our life because of what we do and what we think.
Before or later, everything you do, and mostly, everything you think, will come back to you.
So why not to think positive than?
Personally I have seen that this optimistic way of thinking brings miracles to everyday life: I noticed it especially when, perhaps after a stalemate, I begin to work again on myself and on my thoughts.

Before falling asleep, or just while waking up (when many say that we are more receptive because in a state of semi-hypnosis) repeat positive thoughts to ourselves, imagine what we want and throw away distracting or restrictive thoughts, it helps. A lot.
During the day, repeat these positive thoughts from time to time, make a favour to your neighbour, help some other even small things, it helps. A lot.
Go back to life with optimism, and despite all with the confidence that everything will always be for the best, it helps. A lot.
Open the doors to thoughts of love, mercy, forgiveness, and erase those of hatred, vengeance and rancour, it helps. A lot.
Think about what you have, and being grateful by deleting the envy, it helps. A lot.

The list could be long, there is a thousand examples to do (but would be too personal) and there could be so much to talk about that the post would end up being boring.
I can only recommend to try it…

There are many other books about the positive thinking, I have mentioned only those I've read, but I will continue to deepen the matter.

P.S. (2)
As I wrote this post, I glimpsed my tattoo on my left forearm: You Get What You Give.
I did it in 2005 for other reasons (by coincidence?), but only many years later I really understood the meaning...

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